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Issue: 3.2 - 8 Articles

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Rocha-e-Silva M. MedicalExpress: your article online one month after acceptance. MEDICALEXPRESS 2016;3(2):M160208



MedicalExpress: your article online one month after acceptance

Mauricio Rocha-e-Silva

Editor, MedicalExpress


Dear Authors, Readers, Reviewers

If MedicalExpress can claim one asset, this has to be it: in our last three issues (Dec/15, Feb and Apr/16) articles were online, on average, 31 days (range 6 - 60 days) after acceptance: we take responsibility for some of the longer delays, but many are due to slow turnaround times of draft-PDFs by some of our authors, not forgetting that January is the peak summer month for for Brazilian authors. So, we are keeping to our pledge to publish within 45 days after acceptance. Only 15% of our articles exceeded this time limit in this period.

We are now effectively in SciELO. For Brazilian graduate students and teachers, this means we can look forward to QUALIS ratings for everything published in MedicalExpress. And look backwards as well, because this will effectively apply to all articles published by MedicalExpress from Volume 1, issue 1, February 2014 in the coming 2016 evaluation.

This April 2016 issue [MedicalExpress. 2016;3(2)] comes out with a highlight:

Bastos et al compared standard vs. invasive (goal-directed) therapy for patients with decompensated heart failure and renal dysfunction and claim that standard therapy is quite adequate (as well as less invasive and cost-saving) except if lung failure is also present.

We are ready to welcome your contributions. Publish with us. It will be out there very quickly.