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Rocha-e-Silva M. MedicalExpress Year Three: SciELO and Sports Medicine Highlights. MEDICALEXPRESS 2016;3(1):M160108



MedicalExpress Year Three: SciELO and Sports Medicine Highlights

Mauricio Rocha-e-Silva

Editor, MedicalExpress


As we launch MedicalExpress Year Three, the journal begins its life in SciELO: within the next few weeks, our entire collection will become available at For Brazilian authors this means a reasonable to good QUALIS rating.

All the articles included in this issue (nominally dated February, 2016) have been progressively uploaded to our site between December 15, 2015 and January 16, 2016. They may be read and downloaded from Publication doesn't get much faster out there, in Brazil or even worldwide.

We would like to draw your attention to two studies in sports medicine:

Cunha et al. offer a very useful report on the effects of a training program for elementary school teachers who do not have formal training in Physical Education, but must minister PE to their pupils. These teachers were submitted to a few weeks of training for specifics in Physical Education. Results monitored in their pupils were compared for those trained by teachers not submitted to the program. Students under the trained masters showed highly significant increases in physical activity and energy expenditure, with a concomitant decrease in duration of inactivity. These results were attributed to the altered pattern of teacher behavior after the intervention. The program is offered as a relatively simple and economically viable alternative for schools where professional PE teachers are unavailable.

Liberali et al. studied aerobic and anaerobic soccer activities and their effects on oxidative stress; they found evidence that show a more pronounced level of oxidative stress after aerobic, as compared to anaerobic training activities.

The two papers, together with all others in this issue, were accepted in November/December 2015 and added online by mid January 2016. From now on papers will be online in our site and in SciELO, within 40 days of acceptance.

Send your next study to us. If accepted you will see it out in six weeks maximum.

Looking forward to hearing from you